Desember 2020.

Even tho it looks like I don´t update, since I don´t put in any new news on the frontpage, it doesn´t mean that this homepage is not updated regulary. There are regulary new photos in the horse albums  and updated if anything changes, like; halter trained, ridden, in foal, change of  price catecory ect.
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18. June 2017.

This summer the 1. prize palomino stallion Ljósvíkingur frá Íbishóli will cover mares here at Skeggsstaðir. Ljósvíkingur is 5 years old son of Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli (8.57) and Djörfung frá Steinnesi (7.93, daughter of Oddur frá Selfossi). Ljósvíkingur was evaluated few  days ago and did score 8.20 for conformation (9 for back/croup and proportions. 8.5  for neck/shoulders and hooves). For riding abilities he got 8.00 (8.5 tölt, spirit and general impression) and 9 for slow tölt. So, Ljósvíkingur is  1.prize stallion with good pedigree and color, who will only get better in years to come. And his temperament is very good, anyone can ride him.
 18.september 2016.
The autumn  has come with all its beautiful colors. The summer was very good, warm and nice most of the time (not so good over the Landmót at Hólaremoticon ).
Our stallion Blossi frá Skeggsstöðum, 4 years old, was evaluated this summer, he got 8.08 for conformation and 7.78 for riding (8.5 for tölt and willing/temperament), total 7.90 and we have expectations he will do better next spring, when he becomes 5 years old. We did breed 10 mares to our Blossi this summer. And even tho Blossi is "just" chestnut w/2 stars, we know now that he carries the gen for splash emoticon.
We also used  3 years old stallion from our breeding, Baldur frá Skeggsstöðum. He did got 4 mares this summer.  Baldur is sold (was  sold as foal)  and  have now left from us, but we hope his future will be bright and looking forward to have his offsprings.
We also took 3 mares away from home to cover to stallions. Two of them was covered to Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli  and one to Stormur frá Leirulæk, and they were all three ultrasounded in foal.

Unfortunately we  had to castrate our stallion Muninn frá Skeggsstöðum, 3 years old. Something had happen to his testicles, probably got hit or something. We were very disappointed as he is very beautiful.  But that is life.

The autumn is wonderful time, specially if the weather is good  but it is also difficult time as then we have to decide which horses we must slaughtered emoticon.  We always keep some foals every year, and sell some but we can´t keep them all. Also there are 2 young horses  that were sold, but the "buyer" haven´t paid for, and we have decided that  they will go to slaughter unless their dept is paid. It is difficult to do but we simply can´t just sit up with horses that ain´t paid for and even the "buyer" don´t even answer mails. These horses are back for sale, but if they don´t get sold then it is the "white house" :(  

 29 january 2016!!

More than 13  months since I wrote something on my wall, far to long. But I always put in new photos and update the horses infos regulary. We also have an Facebook page HERE        
We did have many lovely foals  in summer 2015, and were lucky to get 2/3 marefoals. We took one mare to Hringur frá Gunnarsstöðum (1.prize stallion), 4 mares to Þeyr frá Akranesi (1.prize) and the rest of the mares were here at home with the stallion we rented this summer, Stakkur frá Flugumýri (1.prize).
Landsmót 2016 will at Hólar in Hjaltadalur (ca. 50 minutes  drive from our farm), and we have bought us tickets and are looking forward to be there. HEREyou can find informations about the Landsmót.
We have several mares in training and also our young stallion, Blossi son of Eldur frá Torfunesi (1.prize). Here is photo by Blossi (3 years and 7months old).

21 desember 2014.

Merry Christmas dear friends and customers all over the world. 

3. desember 2014.
Many of our mares are now in foal  by Heikir frá Hamarsey, Heikir is  4 years old  and  have been evaluated for conformation and scored 8.30. He have not been evaluated yet for riding, but here is a video by him when he was almost 4 years old,  taken  april 2014. We are looking forward  to next spring when he hopefully get evaluated  and to his offsprings birth.

30 June 2014

Now almost all the foals are born. only one still unborn. We have got many mare foals this year, 10 mares and 4 stallions.
Kapall did got higher score, did get 8.32 for riding, and total score is then 8.39! And he is now at the Landsmót.
Assa is back home, ultrasounded in foal with the young promising stallion Þorlákur frá Prestsbæ. Þorlákur is buckskin with 2 stars born 2011 after the 1 prize parents Krákur frá Blesastöðum and Þoka frá Hólum.
Heiðrún and Löngun are now both beign covered to the 4 year old stallion Henrý frá Kjalarlandi, Henrý is chestnut pinto, born 2010 after the 1 prize parents Álfur frá Selfossi and Regína frá Flugumýri.
Dimma is beign covered to the 3 year old chestnut pinto stallion Tindur frá Auðsholtshjáleiga, son of the 1 prize parents Toppur frá Auðsholtshjáleiga and Gígja frá Auðsholtshjáleiga.
Then we will take two of our mares and one sold mare to Kapall frá Komma, after the Landsmót.
Here at our farm we will have the red dun stallion Heikir frá Hamarsey to cover some of our mares. Heikir is born 2010, evaluated for conformation 8.30, son of Álfur frá Selfossi and Hrund frá Árbæ (1.prize daughter of Keilir frá Miðsitja).

4 June 2014

Now 10 foals are born, but still 5 more to come. Six marefoals and 4 stallionfoals. Few days ago we bought 2 more shareholds (we did already own one) in the 1 prize stallion Kapall frá Komma, and today he was evaluated again and got his best score so far, total 8.22. For conformation 8.50 and 8.03 for riding. And he still have possibility to get higher score for riding next saturday, fingers crossed!! So now we own 3 shareholds in this lovely stallion and we can breed 3 mares to him every year.

24 May 2014

Now the mares have start giving birth to their 2014 foals, 6 are already born and 9 more to come in next days/weeks! We still haven´t decided which stallions we will use this summer to our mares but that will hopefully clear in next days and I will tell you when we have decided.

17 February 2014

Next flight to Norrköping is esimate in the beginning of Mars.

We estimate next flight to Billund the 28th of February.

Next flight to Liege will be the  12th, 19th and 26th of February.  It is possible that there will be some extra flights on Thuesdays.

There was flight to New York the 8th of February, we are starting to coll.horses for next flight.


7.january 2014.

Happy New Year!! Hope you will all have super good year 2014.

The weather have been quite bad last weeks, but better now but very slippery outside. All the horses are home and have hay every day.

Spring/summer 2014 we will have foals after the 1.prize stallions; Flugar frá Barkarstöðum (8.42), Gammur frá Steinnesi (8.03), Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási (8.34), Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili (8.25) and Kapall frá Kommu (8.01). Click on their name to see their video.

We have few mares in foal (foaling spring/summer 2014) for sale, but they can latest been imported from Iceland in end of february!


22.desember 2013.

Gleðilega hátíð kæru vinir!

Frohe Weihnachten, liebe Freunde!

            Merry Christmas dear friends!           

Glædelig jul kære venner!

Hyvää joulua rakkaat ystävät!

Joyeux Noël chers amis!

Buon Natale cari amici!

God jul kjære venner!

God jul kära vänner!

1. november 2013.

Are you interested to come to Iceland to work with horses? Acquaintance of mine is looking for an co-worker/assistance to train horses this winter, maybe longer. You need to have experience in working with horses and riding. And be brave around untrained horses. Room and food is included.

Sind Sie daran interessiert, nach Island gekommen, um mit Pferden zu arbeitenEin Bekanntschaft von mir ist suchen für eine Mitarbeiter/hilfe zu trainieren Pferde in diesem Winter, vielleicht auch länger. Sie müssen Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit Pferden und Reiten zu haben. Und mutig sein um untrainierten Pferden.                                                      Zimmer und Essen ist inbegriffen.

Er du interesseret i at komme til Island for at arbejde med heste? Mine bekendte er på udkig efter en kollega / hjælp til at træne heste denne vinter, måske længere. Du skal have erfaring i at arbejde med heste og ridning. Og vær modig omkring utrænede heste.     Værelse og mad er inkluderet.

    Contact me/kontaktieren Sie mich/kontakt mig;

12.june 2013.

When I write this 8 foals are born, and 6 more expected any day. We did get bay stallion foal after Ungfrú (1.prize for conformation) and Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli (1.prize), black stallion foal after Fjöður and Kapall frá Kommu (1.prize), chestnut w/blaze (roan?) stallion foal after Aska and Dagfari frá Sauðárkróki (not yet evaluated but started in training and is very promissing), black mare foal after Fregn (2.prize) and Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I (1.prize), chestnut mare foal after Assa and Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I (1.prize), chestnut w/tiny star and snip mare foal after Spurn (2.prize) and Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I (1.prize), chestnut w/star stallion foal after Leista and Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I (1.prize) and finally chestnut mare foal after Agða and Heimir frá Hólabrekku (not yet evaluated, son of Hróður frá Refsstöðum). And the foals we expect soon are after; 3 after Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I (1.prize), 2 after Smári frá Skagaströnd (1.prize) and 1 after Bjartur frá Sæfelli (1.prize). Three of the mares we did breed last year were not in foal, Sara, Sónata and Viska.

Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I the stallion who stayed here at our farm last summer did get even higher score this spring. His score are now;                                                                          conformation;9.5-9-9-9.5-8-8-7.5-8.5=8.66                                                                                     Riding; 8.5-8.5-8-8.5-8.5-8.5-7.5=8.35    Total; 8.48 (as 5 years old).


And the first two mares did go to meet their this year stallion yesterday and they were both in heat when we relesed them with the stallion. These mares are Assa (blue dun silver dappel pinto)  and Spenna (palomino), and the stallion they are cover by is Dagfari frá Sauðárkróki (dark palomino w/blaze, socks and blue eyes (splash gen) born 2009, but not yet evaluated but started in training and is very promissing). Dagfari is son of Hvítasunna frá Sauðárkróki (8.55) and Hróður frá Refsstöðum (8.39).

This year we will have 1.prize stallion here at our farm. His name is Flugar frá Barkarstöðum and he is bay. He have mostly been used to competitions with good results. His score is; conformation; 7-8-9-8.5-9.5-7.5-9.5-9.5=8.56.                                                         Riding;8-7-9-8-9-8.5-8.5=8.33           Total; 8.42                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Here is video of Flugar.

13.april 2013.

It´s been VERY long since I wrote something on our website. Sorry for that.

These days we are thinking about which stallions we will used for our mares this summer. There are so many great stallions to choose from and we would like use whole lot of them but the wallet says NO!emoticonBut we will buy some fees, just haven´t decided which ones yet. But many stallions we are thinking about, like for exsample; Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli, Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási, Möller frá Blesastöðum, Váli frá Efra-Langholti, Loki frá Selfossi, Sjóður frá Kirkjubæ, Dagfari frá Sauðárkróki..........the list can go on and on.                     Soon (after ca. 2 weeks) our first foal of 2013 will get bornemoticon and we are so looking forward for it. It is the mare Ungfrú who will have the first foal and it´s sire is Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli. Few of our mares will have their foals in end of may but most of them in june. Almost all the foals of 2013 are after 1.prize stallions.  We will  have 2 foals after Smári frá Skagastönd (1.prize),1 after Dagfari frá Sauðárkróki (not yet evaluated, born 2009),  1 after Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli(1.prize), 1 after Bjartur frá Sæfelli (1.prize), 1 after Kapall frá Kommu (2.prize as 4 years old), 1 after Heimir frá Hólabrekku (born 2009, not evaluated) and and probably 8 foals (possably more) after Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum (1.prize).  So great times ahead!                                         


                                                                                    PS: If you are thinking of buying one of our mares and cover her to stallion of YOUR CHOICE this summer then we need to know sooner than later. Also those of you who already have mare here at our farm and plan to cover her this summer, we also need to know in time..............                                          



11.september 2012.

Many people contact us and are looking for an raising place for their horse(s) on Iceland. Unfortunatelly we only offer raising the horses which we have sold ourself, sorry.

Now all the mares who came to our farm this summer, to be covered by the stallion Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I, gone back to their owners. They were all (20) untrasounded in foal:) We didn´t ultrasounded our 10 mares who were also covered by Kolskeggur, but we are optimistic that they are in foal as well.

This summer we did cover 10 mares by Kolskeggur, 2 to Smári frá Skagaströnd, 2 to Dagfari frá Sauðárkróki, 1 to Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli, 1 to Kapall frá Kommu, 1 to Bjartur frá Sæfelli and 1 to Heimir frá Hólabrekku.

Now we have lower the price on many horses, see our salelist. We need to reduce our herd and therefor we hope the lower price can help us doing that......See many really  nice horses, mostly after 1.prize stallions (or high 2. prize) for very reasonable price.


10.june 2012.

Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I (the stallion we have rented summer 2012) was evalauted in last week. He did get very good score for only an 4 year old horse. He is big 146 cm stick.  Conformation; 9-9-8.5-9.5-8-8-7.5-9=8.61     

Riding;8.5-8-6-8.5-8.5-8.5-6.5=7.89   Slow tölt; 8   slow gallop;7.5

Total; 8.18

So he will go to Landsmot 2012 and will come to us after that. We will cover 10 mares to him and then up to 20 fees for others.

And the 2012 foals keep getting born these days but many more to come.

16.may 2012.

Second foal born, chestnut pinto stallion foal after Fregn and Kapall frá Kommu. Photos here

15.may 2012.

The first foal is born, an chestnut marefoalemoticonafter Askja and Galsi frá Sauðárkróki.

More photos by the foal here

17.april 2012.


Hjá okkur hér á Skeggsstöðum verður stóðhesturinn Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum til afnota í sumar.  Kolskeggur er mjög efnilegur ungur stóðhestur fæddur 2008, sem stefnt er með í fullnaðardóm  í kringum mánaðarmótin maí-júní. Kolskeggur er nú í tamningu hjá Gísla Gíslasyni á Þúfum. Kolskeggur er stór, með mjög gott sköpulag, úrvals geðslag og góðar gangtegundir. Hann er alhliða. Undan Kvisti frá Skagastönd og Heru frá Kjarnholtum, sem er undan Kolskeggi (hinum eldri) frá Kjarnholtum.  Kolskeggur kemur í hólf til okkar um 20 júní eða eftir Landsmót (ca. 2 júlí). Folatollurinn mun kosta 85.þús með girðingargjaldi og 1.sónun, en án vsk. Áhugasamir hafi samband á tölvupóstfangið; eða í síma 452-7149452-7149 (Guðrún).

Here at our farm at Skeggsstaðir we will have the stallion Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum serving mares this summer. Kolskeggur is very promissing young stallion born 2008, and the plan is to get him evaluated in end of may or early june. Kolskeggur is now in training with Gísli Gíslason at Þúfum. Kolskeggur is big, very good conformation, excellent temperament and with good gait. He is 5 gaited. His sire is Kvistur frá Skagastönd and dam is Hera frá Kjarnholtum, daughter of Kolskeggur (the first) frá Kjarnholtum. Kolskeggur will come to our farm around 20. june or after Landsmót (ca. 2. july).  The fee will cost 85.000 ISK (including fence and 1.sonar, but without tax). Those who are intrested to bring mare to him please contact us by the e-mail:

The road from Reykjavík to Skeggsstaðir.

1.march 2012.

I have start collecting together the place were stallions will be in use this summer. So if you plan to breed an mare this summer you might find the right match on this list HERE. And if you need to buy an mare to cover, we have have several mares for sale, see our salehorses.

Ich habe sammeln Sie gemeinsam den Ort waren Hengste in diesen Sommer sein wird. Also, wenn Sie auf eine Stute zu züchten in diesem Sommer planen Sie vielleicht das richtige Spiel auf dieser Liste finden Sie HIER. Und wenn Sie eine Stute decken zu kaufen brauchen, haben wir mehrere Stuten zum Verkauf finden Sie in unserer Verkaufspferde.


My aunt knitting these wonderful horse sweaters, write me if you are intrested to buy. She can knitted the sweaters you desire, just tell what you want and she will make you an offer how much it cost (Price sample; one sweater, not with zip or hood, size Medium/Large price ca. 135 EURO´s including packing and post within Europe).

Meine Tante Stricken diese wunderbaren Pferde Pullover, Schreiben Sie mir, wenn Sie interessiert sind, einen zu kaufen. Sie kann den Pullover stricken Sie wünschen, sag mir was du willst und sie wird Ihnen ein Angebot machen wie viel es kosten (Preis Probe;. Ein Pullover, nicht mit Reißverschluss oder Kapuze, Größe M / L Preis ca. 135 EURO inklusive Verpackung und die Post innerhalb Europas).


29.des 2011.

I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Ich wünsche Ihnen allen ein FROHES NEUES JAHR!




15.desember 2011.
Dear friends and customers, we wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for friendship and business on the year 2011. May the year 2012 bring you all you wish for.


Liebe Freunde und Kunden, Wir wünschen Ihnen allen FROHE WEIHNACHTEN und danke für die Freundschaft und Geschäft auf das Jahr 2011. Möge das Jahr 2012 bringen Sie alles was Sie wünschen.




                                                          28.september 2011.
SPECIAL OFFER IN OCTOBER!! ALL geldings, foals and mares born 2010 are now for sale for 20% off normal price. Foals from only 325 EUR. All the foals and youngsters are after 1.prize stallions.
SPEZIAL ANGEBOT IM OKTOBER!! ALLER wallache, fohlen und stute geboren 2010 sind jetzt zum Verkauf für 20% Rabatt normalen Preis. Fohlen preis ab nur 325 EUR. Aller fohlen und jungpferde Nach ELITE Hengste.

Now all mares are back home from the stallions. Seven of these 10 we took elsewere to a stallions have been untrasound in foalemoticon two were not untrasound, so time will just tell if they are in foal, and one was untrasound to be not in foal.
So next year we will have foals after 7-8 stallions, 2 after Eldur frá Torfunesi, one after Galsi frá Sauðárkróki, 1 after Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli, 1 after Vafi frá Ysta-Mói (maybe two as one of the mares we took to him weren´t ultrasound), one after Kapall frá Kommu, one after Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn and maybe one after Kjói frá Steinnesi (was not ultrasound).
And then of course some foals after my ex stallion Frómas, he will hopefully give us colorful offsprings. Frómas have been sold to Germany. So we are already waiting for spring to see our year 2012 foals.
And I´m even started to look out for stallion(s) to use next year. I did saw many great stallions on Landsmót I would love to use for my mares in the future. Also stallion to use here at our farm. So if someone have intresting stallion who are looking for an place next summer, tell me about him, perhaps he is the right one for us. We would prefer he had both parent´s with 1.prize, blub over 115 and colorful ( silver dappel, pinto, dun, palomino, buckskin, grey, blaze, socks.....), but I will consider any stallion without one of these qualities. And if unevaluated stallion PHOTOS are must, or video even better.

20.june 2011.
Now 22 foals have been born. Only the mare Erla has not yet give birth but it looks like it will happen any day now:o)  Many of these foals are for sale, see salehorses!!
Frómas is back home, he has grown a lot and is fat and lovely. We will breed 7 mares to him (Erla, Hálf, Míla, Stelpa, Irpa, Agða and Hrafntinna) and we hope he will give some of his color to his offsprings, so it will be exciting to see his offsprings next year. Frómas also had 4 mares from our naigbour, so he will have 11 mares in all.
We have taken 6 mares elsewere to cover them by stallions and more mares will go after Landsmót. Fregn is cover by Kapall frá Kommu (3 years old black pinto son of Álfur frá Selfossi). Askja is cover by Galsi frá Sauðárkróki(1.prize). Dimma is cover by Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli (1.prize). Bryti and Leista are cover by Vafi frá Ysta-Mói (1.prize). And Orka is cover by Kjói frá Steinnesi ( 4 years old unevaluated but promissing son of Aron frá Strandarhöfði and his mother is also mother of Gammur frá Steinnesi).
Then we will cover two mares to Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn (1.prize) as we own 2 shares in him, and then we have booked two mares to Eldur frá Torfunesi (1.prize, only 4 years old and did get very high score this spring, for exsample 9.5 for trot, appearance under rider and mane/tail. Then 9 for tölt, temper/willing and feet.....). Three of these stallions will be on Landsmót (Óskasteinn, Vafi and Eldur), and I will go to see them:)

5. june 2011.
Now 18 foals are born, and 5 more to come any day now. We have had many stallion foals this year, and we have decided to offer the chestnut and black stallions foals for special price! The foals looks very nice, with good neck, high shoulders, long legs and  good back. They show a lot of trot but also tölt and some shows pace as well. We are very happy with our beautiful foals except we would have wanted more marefoals and also more colorsemoticon  
We have already taken two mares to the stallions they will be cover by this year. Fregn did go to Kapall frá Kommu (3 years old black pinto son of Álfur frá Selfossi), and Askja did go to knowned Galsi frá Sauðárkróki. Few mares will also go to meet their stallions very soon.
We have not rented any stallion to cover our mares to here at home, we will probably use our young colorful stallion Frómas (silver dappel splash) and he will hopefully give us nice colors next year. Any mare who is sold now can be cover to Frómas free of charge, if wanted! Or taken to a stallion of buyers choice, but then it has to happen soon!!
I´m taking many photos by each foal (see their PHOTO ALBUMS or see the salehorses/foals) now but it takes time to put them on the website, so keep posted

12 may 2011.
For the last week or so the first thing I do when I wake up, and the last thing I do before go to sleep, is to look at the horses and see if any of the mares is giving birth. This morning I woke up quite early and look out the window and saw one of our mares, Fregn, was giving an birth to her foal. I went to trousers and jacket over my pajamas and rushed out with my camera. Then I watched the whole birthemoticon  and helped keeping all the curious young horses away. And what an luck! Fregn is liver chestnut and the father of the foal Fáni frá Vogsósum (1.prize) is palomino, so the only chance of color on the foal was either palomino or chestnut, and the foal was palomino w/blaze and a MAREemoticon 
We expect 20 more foals after the palomino stallion Fáni, and around 50% of them should be palomino, buckskin or smokey black. Then 1 foal after Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn (1.prize black pinto) and 1 foal after Kvistur frá Skagaströnd (1.prize, black w/sock, splash gen carrier).

28.april 2011.
SPECIAL SPRING OFFER of most of the young salehorses born 2009 and 2010emoticon
SPEZIAL FRüHLING ANGEBOT der meisten der jungen Pferde Verkauf geboren 2009 und 2010emoticon

7.april 2011!
FINALLY!! It have been extra long since I did write something here, sorry for that.
Now our link have been change into but for some time everyone who use the old link will automaticlly be transfered to the new link:o)
Now is about a month until the mares start having their offsprings 2011emoticon  ALL the mares we cover last year are in foal! All after 1.prize stallions and all of them can also have colorful foal. So exciting!!!
We still haven´t rented/loaned a stallion here at home, but we keep our eyes open for intresting stallion.
But we have decided few stallions we will take our mares too this summer. They are of course Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn (1.prize son of Randver frá Nýjabæ, we own 2 shares in him), Kapall frá Kommu (we own 1 share in him, he is born 2008 and his father is Álfur frá Selfossi), Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli (not yet evaluated but will be this spring/summer, son of Huginn frá Haga), Vafi frá Ysta-Mói (1.prize son of Gustur frá Hóli) and then we are waiting for an answer if we get Galsi frá Sauðárkróki fee (1.prize. Galsi is now 21 years old and we have planed to breed to him for several years before it´s to late). Then we have MANY great stallon in mind we want to cover our mares with, but nothing decided yet. Maybe we will cover few mares to our colorful Frómas (silver dappel splash, born 2009).
If you are thinking of buying an mare from us to cover to a stallion, of your choice, before import, you must decide no later than end of may to be sure. As otherwise they will be cover by a stallion we choose for them or they will go up on the mountain with the youngsters. Many fantastic stallions to choose from in many price categories, see list HERE.

31.desember 2010!
Gleðilegt nýtt ár og takk fyrir það gamla!
Happy new year and thanks for the old one!
Frohes neues Jahr und bedanken uns für die alte!
Godt nytår og tak for det gamle!
Godt nytt år og takk for det gamle!
Gott nytt år och tack för den gamla!
Hyvää uutta vuotta ja kiitos vanhan!
Bonne année et merci pour l'ancien!

13.desember 2010.
To all friends and customers:
Gleðileg Jól!
Merry Christmas!
Frohe Weihnachten!
Glædelig Jul!
God Jul!
Hyvaa Joulua!
Joyeux Noel!
Buon Natale!

Our dearest Vera who past away this year at the age of almost 14 years old.

Please notice these new rules;
Frá og með 1. jan 2011 þurfa þeir aðilar sem taka inn hesta til ESB-landa að fá skráð tollnúmer á sitt nafn í því landi sem flogið er til. þannig að hægt sé að tolla hrossin inn á þeirra nafni.  T.d. eigendur hrossa sem flutt eru til Svíþjóðar og fara síðan áfram á Finnland/Danmörk/Norway...... Best er að sækja um leyfi, þannig að allt gangi hnökralaust fyrir sig,  ferlið tekur um 3 vikur.





We got these info from Sweden (but these rules cover all others EU-Countries the horses are imported through!) : 

 Effective from January 1st 2011 it will no longer be possible to make customs declaration in Sweden for horse to customers in other EU-countries, i.e. in Finland, unless the consignee is registered at the Swedish Tax Office and have got a Swedish tax number. With this registration, we can make the customs declaration as before. The time for this registration is 3 weeks.




4.desember 2010.
It´s been long, I know.
As everyone our horses got the horse flu, the first horses got it in end of may and all the horses did get it in some way. But we were lucky as all our horses got it rather mild, just nose dripping (diffrent how much they got it, the foals definatelly more then the older ones) and cough for few days. The youngsters and the grown ones seems to have got rid of the flu for couple of months ago. And the foals seems to be over it also now. So hopefully this is over!
The flu have ofcourse change many things, the sale have been less than before and also now all horses need to be isolated for 30 days before the flight, with all extra effords and costs. Hopefully this flu will teach us to be more careful in the future, as we sure have been lucky so far not  having many of the serious sickness in our horses here on Iceland. Because of the flu the Landsmót 2010 was postponed for one year, so the Landsmót at Vindheimamelar will be summer 2011 instead and then again in Reykjavik 2012. 
Silfurfaxi frá Skeggsstöðum, silver dappel stallion did get 1.prize this year. Congratulations to his owner Ann-Cathrine Larsson in Sweden, see her website. 
Silfurfaxi was the highest judged 7 years and older stallion from our area, and we did get recognition/prize as his breeders.
Assa was cover by Kvistur frá Skagaströnd and is in foal. Ungfrú was cover by Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn and is in foal. Then we did breed 22 mares to Fáni frá Vogsósum 2. So all our mares were cover by 1.prize stallions! And all of them can give us lovely colors too. So exciting to see the foals next spring.
Today we saw Kapall frá Kommu for the first time. Kapall is 2 years old stallion, black pinto, and we own one sharehold in him. He is son of well knowned Álfur frá Selfossi and his mother is the very good breeding mare Kjarnorka frá Kommu (also mother of Kaspar, Kappi and Karítas, all 1.prize offsprings). Kapall is handsome, well build young stallion with lot of mane, high shoulders and high movements. He shows both trot and tölt. We have the right to breed one mare to Kapall next summer! 
I have started to make an list of stallions and their covering places next summer, anyone is welcome to put their stallion and his covering place(s) on my list, just write me with all details about your stallion(s). See the list here


Export of horses will start after middle of September, the first flights will be to Liege in Belgium.  Because of the cold that started in Iceland at spring there will be some rules about the export and the horses has to be in "homequarantine" 30 days before export.  Many of the horses are fresch again now,  but still are some horses that got the cold very late (in June and July) who are not over it yet so this is done to be sure that the horses who are exported are fresch.  More info about the "homequarantine" can you reach at :   Info about the cold in English you can reach at:  Some new info about the export will be at soon.

These new rules mean that we need to know in good time (at least 40 days before export, preferbly more, the sooner the better) when you want to import  your horse(s). The horses must be in a separate fence and it would be best if few horses could be imported together, meaning if  five horses from us are going to Liege this fall/winter, it would be best if they could all go with the same flight! Why? Because we can´t keep one and one horse separated in fence and if few could stay together and leaving at same time, that would make this much easier and doable. These means that we need to know when you plan to import your horse so we can find few horses who can leave together. We all need to work together to make this new import rules work.

The good news are that the horses who were imported in may, and had the cold virus, did NOT infected the domestic horses, so they seems to had some antibodies for this bacteria.
If you have any questions about this please contact me


Der Export der Pferde startet wieder ab Mitte September, die ersten Flüge
gehen nach Liege (Lüttich) in Belgien. Wegen der Pferdegrippe, die wir hier
seit Frühjahr 2010 hatten,  sind einige neue Regeln zu beachten: die Pferde
müssen 30 Tage in "Hausquarantäne" bleiben bis sie exportiert werden können. Den meisten Pferden geht es wieder gut, aber andere, die die Krankheit später im Jahr (Juni, Juli) bekommen haben, sind unter Umständen noch nicht ganz gesund und so wird garantiert, dass keine Übertragung der Viren stattfinden kann.
Weitere Information über die Quarantäne finde sie hier:
Informationen über die Pferdegrippe auf Englisch finden sie hier:
Einige neue Informationen über den Export werden bald hier verfügbar sein:

Diese neuen Regeln bedeuten, dass wir einige Zeit vorher (mindestens 40 Tage vor dem Export, besser noch eher, je eher desto besser) wissen müssen, wann sie das Pferd importieren möchten. Die Pferde müssen in einem abgegrenzten Paddock sein und es wäre das Beste, wenn einige Pferde gemeinsam exportiert würden. D.h. wenn 5 Pferde von uns diesen Winter gemeinsam nach Liege/Belgien exportiert würden,  wäre es das Beste, sie könnten alle im selben Flugzeug fliegen. Warum? Weil wir nicht einzelne Pferde separat halten können und wenn einige zusammen isoliert würden, wäre es für uns und die Pferde viel besser.
Wir müssen also frühzeitig die Exportpläne koordinieren, damit einige Pferde zusammen fliegen können. Bitte lassen sie uns gut zusammenarbeiten, um die neuen Regeln umzusetzen.
Eine gute Nachricht: die Pferde, die im Mai dieses Jahres exportiert wurden und Virusträger waren, haben die einheimischen Pferde im neuen Land nicht angesteckt, so dass dort bereits Antikörper gegen dieses Virus vorliegen müssen.
Sollten sie dazu noch Fragen haben, kontaktieren sie mich bitte.

8.july 2010!!
We now offer you  to pay for the horse in installments/parts.
 You can pay for it in 2-4 parts (depends on the horse price), for example; 500 EUR now and then 500 EUR after each new started month, until horse is fully paid within 4 months. This means of course that the horse must stay at our farm until fully paid and payments must be regular in every month. 
For more informations just ask!



Wir bieten ihnen jetzt Ratenzahlung für ihr Pferd an.
Sie können in 2-4 Raten (abhängig vom Pferdepreis) zahlen. Zum Beispiel 500 EUR direkt und dann jeden weiteren Monat 500 EUR, bis der Kaufpreis ganz bezahlt ist. Die Zahlung muss in 4 Monaten abgeschlossen sein und  regelmässig erfolgen. Bis das Pferd ganz bezahlt ist, wird es natürlich bei uns auf dem Hof bleiben. Für weitere Informationen fragen sie einfach!

2.july 2010.

The father to many of our foals, Geisli frá Lundum II, did recieve 1.prize couple of days agoemoticon  We were quite sure he would one day but he had been sick this spring and it didn´t looks so good for him to get evaluated but he did get better and was evaluated to 1.prize! As you know we had 17 foals after Geisli but one is missing (most likely dead, as it´s 3 weeks since it dissapaired, but I keep dreaming it have somehow got saved and we will find it far away with another mare, but not likelyemoticon ), so we have 16 very good looking foals after this beautiful stallion. We will ofcourse keep some of them for ourselfs but all the stallion foals and some of the mares foals are for sale, for fair price!!
So now all our 2010 foals are after 1.prize stallions (except the accidental foals we´d gotemoticon, but they are very cute little things and not their fault they were born, they are also for sale for low price as father pedigree is sort of unknown ).

Dimma did start her training but after few days she had been kicked by another horse, and the vet. looked at her and says it´s either broken "griffilbein" or "beinhimnubólga" , but he didn´t have the equipment to take photos of her leg. So either way, she can´t continue her training now:( Hopefully she will get better and be ready next winter.

We only took 2 mares away to a stallions, Ungfrú is now beign breed to Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn(1.prize) and Assa is beign breed to Kvistur frá Skagaströnd(1.prize). All our other breeding mares are beign breed to Fáni frá Vogsósum, 1.prize palomino stallion we rented this summer. So next year all our mares have chance to give us colorful offsprings:o)

Frómas (1.year old silver dappel splash stallion) have been sent away in an special stallion fence, were he will stay till fall. The plan is to breed few mares to him next year!

2,june 2010.
Now 13 foals are born, but 2 of them are accidental foals (Fjöður had chestnut stallion, sire is probably chestnut stallion frá Brandsstöðum, and Skráma had grey/bay pinto (gender unknown) foal after grey pinto stallion frá Brandsstöðumemoticon ).
Nine more foals to comeemoticon
All the stallion foals are for sale and some of the marefoals, we can´t keep them all even tho we wanted too. Unfortunatelly Geisli frá Lundum II (sire of most of the salefoals) have not been evlaluated yet, because he´d got sick, like MANY of the icelandic horse are now days.
But we hope he will recover well and be evaluated in late summer show!

Now it´s final which stallions we will use this summer!
Here at home we have rented an 1.prize palomino stallion, Fáni frá Vogsósum II,

son of Oddur frá Selfossi. Most of our mares will be cover by him.
Then we also have fees to the stallion Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn and Kvistur frá Skagaströnd.

Our horses have luckly not been sick, only had little nose drip, but apart from that they are well:o)
Landsmót 2010 have been delayed for one year, all because of the horse sickness which is going around. 

20.may 2010.
It´s been long since I have written something.
The most exciting time is now, foals getting birth and we are choosing stallions for the summer:o)

Still now is only one foal born, beautiful bay colt after our mare Tinna and the stallion Geisli frá Lundum II. But ALL the mares we breeded last year are in foal, so we expect many foals next days to come:o) Some of these foals will ofcourse be for sale, we can´t keep them all even tho we wanted too.
The stallions we will cover our mares this summer are Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn (1.prize), Kvistur frá Skagaströnd (1.prize) and then we are hopefully renting an stallion for covering our mares here at home, but at this stage I won´t tell his name as it´s not 100% sure! But this will clear any day now and then his (or someone else) name will appear here.
But if it will be the stallion we hope for then he is both 1.prize and colorfulemoticon
Tomorrow we will castrate all our yearlings, except Frómas he will keep his balls for now.
Most of you heard of the horse sickness here in Iceland, this affects everything these days. Trainingstations are mostly closed, many horses haven´t been evaluated and now the Landsmót 2010 is very uncertain, will there be Landsmót or will it be canceled? The Volcano in Eyjafjallajökull ain´t helping either:(
At the moment horse export from Iceland is closed due to the horses sickness........But this must (hopefully) change in few weeks!!

3.mars 2010!!
SPECIAL OFFER; all youngsters (born 2007-2009) sold in mars and april 2010 can stay for FREE at our farm till fall (sept/okt) 2010!
Some of our horses not listed on the salepage might be for sale for the right price offer, it doesn´t cost anything to make an offer and we might accept your offer;o) Also if you buy 2 or more together you will get disscount from the  horses price. You can see all the horses (those for sale and those possibly for sale) HERE!

11.february 2010.
For some reason my usual e-mail is not working properly. Please use my other e-mail in the meantime, it is;

New silver dappel ridninghorse for sale, Bylur frá Hvammi 2. NOT our horse!!

30.january 2010!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for all friendship, business, photos and news by the sold horses from us.
The year started very mild and wet, but now we have some frost. But we can´t complain about hard winter, at least not yetemoticon
The foals I bought are now here home with us, and have been registered and chipmarked, like ALL our foals since 1999. I have been asked a lot if these colorful foals are for sale........well I might sell one for the "right" offer, but otherwise I plan to keep the foals for myself. But ofcourse horses not listed as salehorses can possibly be for sale even tho they ain´t on the salelist and don´t have an price, they are only for sale for the ...., yes!... for the right offeremoticon  But it doesn´t cost anything to make an offer, all we say is either yes or no! Also if you are intrested to buy 2 or more horses together, then some disscount is very likely. Here you find photos by all our horses!
I have booked one fee for the summer 2010, it´s to the stallion Kvistur frá Skagaströnd (1.prize son of Hróður frá Refsstöðum). There are also many more stallions I´m intrested to use, choosing can be so difficult, as you can´t afford to use them allemoticon
 I have start making an list over where many intresting stallions will serve their mares summer 2010. Please if you know of some stallion/s that should be on this list, just send me an mail with his location, fee cost and which season!! 
HERE is the list, hope you find the stallion/s you want to breed your mare/s to!! We might also have the mare for youemoticon
We are also looking out for an nice stallion to have here at our farm summer 2010, to serve many of our mares. Anyone who have intresting stallion to offer are welcome to contakt us.

18.Desember 2009!!
The sale have been good, specially in the trained/broken in horses. But also fine with the foals and the youngsters.
We decided to keep all the foals, as we don´t want to slaughter these nice foals after 1.prize stallion.
We did put 3 mares downemoticon  all mares who have been our favourites, so the decision was VERY hard. But to keep the herd under control we decided to put down these 3 mares, as 2 of them were getting quite old and one had her stomack hanging (don´t know the english word for it. It happens sometimes with the sheep) ! But our dearest Blekking, Kleópatra and Móna will truly be missed. All mares with strong personality and gave us many good offsprings.
All the foals have been chipmarked now, except the foals I bought. They will be chipmarked soon and come to our farmemoticon We have taken 6 foals inside already, ofcourse all the foals after the mares we put down, and also the foal after Gnótt (as she will go to training soon), Hrafntinna and Míla.
We only have 2 horses born 2006 (Dimma and Spurn), so not many horses getting started the year 2010. But we have many horses born 2005 (Gnótt, Viska, Fjöður, Sandra, Assa and Ögri) and 2004 (Neisti and Ungfrú) we will training more this winter. They are all 1-3 months trained now, so just need to be trained more.

Merry Christmas to you all!!

27.november 2009.
It´s been long since I have wrote something. The sale is going well, and it´s difficult to get an flight to Liege as the sale to main Europe is so much. But they will get there, just on the New Year:o)
Many of the salefoals are already sold but still few ones looking for their new home!
Here is video by Þorgrímur frá Litlalandi (the foals father) when he was evaluated spring 2009 and got 1.price:o)  and here is another video by Þorgrímur.
We did breed 21 mare this year, the stallions we did use were;
Huginn frá Haga (Fregn is ultra soned in foal by him),
Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku (Orka is ultra soned in foal by him),
Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn (both Askja and Djásn are ultar soned on foal by him),
Then we did breed the mares; Auda, Gígja, Tinna, Leista, Stássa, Bryti, Erla, Gæska, Staka, Hálf, Míla, Stelpa, Gæfa, Agða, Irpa, Drótt and Hrafntinna to the stallion Geisli frá Lundum II, he did serve our mares here at our farm.
I did bought four foals this year, 3 mares and 1 stallion.  I didn´t plan to buy foals but you know how it is........sometimes you just can´t help yourselfemoticon

21.okt. 2009.

Flight plans are;
To Sweden; around middle of january.
To Denmark: 19.desember, in end of januay or early february 2010.
To Liege: 6. january, 13 january, 20 january 2010.
To New York: ?

14.oktober 2009.
Sorry how long since I have write some news. Some of the sold horses have been going to their new owners, it is always difficult to see them go but knowing they will get good homes with good people makes it easier.  And getting photos by them at their new home is just GREAT! Thanks you all who have send us photos:o) Still there are several sold horses still at our place, some will go soon but others will stay for some time. For those of you who haven´t yet told us what your plan is with your horse(s) please do soon. So if you plan to take it/them we can arranged that or if they will stay this winter/next year it´s good to know for sure.
We still have some foals left looking for new homes, the foals are mostly after the 1.prize stallion Þorgrímur frá Litlalandi. They show both trot and tölt in the fields and good movements. They are courious and lovely. Maybe you will find your future horse in any of these foals:o) We offer special pack price if you buy 2 or more!!
We have also few mares in foal for sale, they can be exported no later than february 2010, as pregnant mares can´t be exported after 8 months pregnancy. They are in foal after Geisli frá Lundum II, very promissing (already got good 2.prize at 4 years old) stallion. We say VERY likely to get 1.prize next year!! And one mare in foal after the 1.prize black pinto stallion Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn (score 8.40).
We also have good trained/broken in horses for sale and  beautiful youngsters, mares and gelding.
And now my secret;
I have bought an silver dappel splash stallion foal!! So  the year 2011 he will be ready to serve few mares:o)  More about him later.

18. august 2009.
Now Geisli frá Lundum II have leave from our farm, and hopefully all his mares in foal by him. We are sure he will do it good in the future, very handsome and beautiful young stallion. Now all the mares we did breed elsewere are back home and they have ALL been ultrasoned in foalemoticon  Djásn and Askja in foal by Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn, Fregn in foal by Huginn frá Haga and Orka in foal by Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku. Then Gola and Sýn (both sold) are also in foal by Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku, so Bodil and Helle will also expect foal after him next summeremoticon  Now we just have to wait for the foals to be born next summer.

5.august 2009.
We have now change the horse prices back to the Icelandic krona´s (ISK). To get the price in diffrent currency use this

currency converter . Also maybe you want to use the google translater to change the text into your language (not all languages available but many are).
Bjarmi frá Lundum II is not on the worldchampionship as there were some misstake about injecting him in time, so he was not allowed to the Worldchampion area:( Better luck next time. But I have heard he is sold to France already.
I also want to remind buyers in Faroe Island that it´s still an chance to ship horses with Smyril line, in august and september too I think.
Also PLEASE eveyone who haven´t already contact us recently about their horse(s), who are still staying  at our farm, we need to know if they will leave us this fall or will stay for longer!!
My best,

29.july 2009.
All foals are now born, Von had chestnut pinto stallion after Þorgrímur. And now I have seen the gender of Kleópatra´s foal and it´s an mareemoticon  So 10 stallionfoals and 12 marefoals this year!!!
Djásn and Askja are back home from beign breeded to Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn, both in foalemoticon  Fregn is now sonartested in foal by Huginn frá Hagaemoticon  I was lucky as only 50% of his mares in early season are in foal.  Orka, Sýn (SOLD) and Gola(SOLD) will probably stay with Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku till 12 august, and are hopefully all already pregnant now.
The stallion Geisli frá Lundum II is still at our farm with our mares. His FULLbrother Bjarmi frá Lundum II will be competing on the Worldchampionship in Swiss (3-9 august) in catecory stallions 7 years and older. He will hopefully be very succsessfulemoticon
Latest news about flight;
Next flight to Billund/Denmark and Norrkjöping/Sweden are now planed in late august or early september.
Next flight to Liege is planed 18-19 august.

It would be nice to hear from all of you soon who still have horse(s) staying at our farm, so we just know for sure if you will take your horse this autum or if you want it/they to stay for longer.

21.july 2009.
Special price on all the salefoals now!! Also 2 trained geldings!!!!!!!!! Also if you buy two or more of all the salehorses we make you an pack dealemoticon

17.july 2009.
Now are 21 foals born, but still one unborn. Our old mare Kleópatra have give an birth to a chestnut pinto foal (Don´t know the gender yet) after Þorgrímur frá Litlalandi (1.prize), this was a big supprise as we thought she was not in foal (just like many old mares with big belly), but no she did gave us her last offspringemoticon We ofcourse hope it´s an marefoalemoticon and it would not be worse if homozygous pinto too, as both parents are pintos. At least the foal is much white just the head and chest is chestnut, and big blaze. Von have not yet give birth, she was so late last year and then again this summer, so this year we won´t breed her, hoping she will get bit earlier then 2010 in heatemoticon 
I have now FINALLY got new/recent photos by all the sold horses who are staying at our farm, and their photos can been seen in their privat albums or 
here in summer 2009 album (those who don´t have privat albums). Also always some new photos by the salehorses, see the "Horses for sale/Söluhross/Verkauf" link her at the right.
My best,

18.june 2009.

Now are 15 foals born, and 6 more to comeemoticon Many of these foals are for saleemoticon   Fregn (Gustur frá Hóli daughter) is now having an afair with Huginn frá Haga in Skagafjörður this summeremoticon  and ofcourse I hope for grey mare!!! Djásn and Askja are now breeded to Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn in west Iceland, the stallion we own 2 shares inemoticon We did also take Orka, Sýn(SOLD) and Gola(SOLD) to the farm Þorkelshóll in north-west Iceland today were they will meet Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku on saturday, and I believe we all praying for silver dappel mare next summeremoticon  And then the other mares are beign breed to Geisli frá Lundum II, who is the stallion we have here at our farm this summeremoticon  He is very handsome and beautiful young stallion. I took some photos by him yesterday and they can be found in

5.june 2009.
The stallion who will serve our mares here at our farm summer 2009 is Geisli frá Lundum II.
Geisli is 4.years old, bay w/star, 5.gaited, 145 cm stick. He was evaluated this spring and already got good 2.prize.
 His scores are, conformation; 8.5-8.5-9-8.5-7-7-8-7=8.07, riding; 8-7.5-6.5-8.5-8-8-8.5=7.76, total score; 7.89.
His father is Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum( C: 8.05 R:8.84=8.45) and his mother is Sóley frá Lundum II (C: 8.20 R:8.41=8.31). Kolfinnur have 9 for tölt and trot and 9.5 for pace, Sóley have 9 for tölt and appearance under rider! Geisli is also FULL brother of Bjarmi frá Lundum II (C: 8.55 R: 8.43=8.48! Bjarmi have 9 for neck/shoulders, back, form and trot). See
video by Geisli from the evaliation this spring.

3.june 2009.
ÞORGRÍMUR frá LITLALANDI did get 1.prize todayemoticon
We have ALMOST decided wich stallion we will loan for the summer for our mares here at home,  there are now 2 stallions fighting to be choosed by us! We probably decide tomorrow. We have got SO MANY intresting stallion to choose from, and I thank all the people who did contact us and offered to loan us their stallions, it was  difficult to choose from all these lovely stallions and many of them very intresting but we have to bet on someone and just hope we have choosen wisely.
1 more foal born. I have only seen it from far, as the mare did go high up on the montain to give birth, but it is also CHESTNUT!! We wonder if Þorgrímur did only have white painting on him, maybe he was just chestnutemoticon  No all the pinto will come, and even tho they want be colorful they have at least 1.prize fatheremoticon 

18. may 2009.
First foal is bornemoticon  A bit earlier than we expected, as it´s not yet 11.months since the mares meet the stallions. I´m almost sure it´s a marefoal, which is what we had hoped for finally getting mare by Móna. The color is chestnut, but I wonder if  the foal have socks, it´s feets seems pretty light, but time will tell. The father of the foal is Þorgrímur frá Litlalandi.

We have decided that the special offer(-15%) at the geldings price will be open  all may!!!

Next flight to Billund is planed 12.june. Flight to Norrkjöping  is planed  sometime in june.  And next flight to Liege is either 29.may or 5. june!

5.may 2009.
SPECIAL OFFER; All geldings -15% off their price. Offer ends 15.may!!!

Next flight to Billund will be in late may or early june. And next flight to Liege is planed 15.may. There will be few flights with horses from Iceland over the summertime, so if you planed to import an horse, NOW is the time (or you might have to wait till autum 2009)!!
We expect the first foals after 20.may, and ofcourse I´m very excited. Hope we will have many pintos this year:o)
If you plan to buy an mare from us and want to breed her to stallion of your choice, then we need to know before 1.june, so we can arranged that in time.
We still haven´t decided which stallion we will rent for the mares here at home, but we have been offered many young  and intresting (and  some colorful) stallions with good pedigree. We will decide soon, I will most definatelly inform it here when it is decided!!!

Tvenna is back from training and is very promissing mare, see video by her under "Horses for sale". Assa is in more training now, she is also very promissing. I did plan to breed her to Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku but now I think I have change my mind about that and perhaps rather plan to get her evaluated late this summer or next spring.

24.april 2009.
Finally some words from me c",) There are finally few new photos by the horses, unfortunatelly it´s diffrent between the horses how many photos by each I took, some have just one, but I will take more photos soon. Since in february I see now that Irpa is in foal, but still I´m not totally sure about Auda and Kleopatra, my guess is they are not in foal (just have big old bellies) or give late birth. Unfortunatelly Gnótt (Barri´s daughter) is in foal:( She did go to our naigbours and it seems that the stallion there did get her pregnant throught the fence without them notice it:( It pretty sad as we did send Gnótt in training, and she looked very promissing and after one month it became clear she was in foal, so no more training for her. Now there are 3 mares in training; Tvenna, Assa and Viska and are doing good. We plan to breed Assa (blue dun silver dappel pinto) to Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku(silver dappel), good chance to get great color there:) We have also booked one fee for Huginn frá Haga, but still we haven´t  decide which mare we bring to him. Then we have also right to breed 2 mares to Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn in early season. We still haven´t decide which stallion we will loan to serve our mares here at our farm, but are keeping our eyes open for colorful, promissing and with good pedigree young if you have or know of stallion that might intrest us, please tell us about him! We have been offered several intresting stallions and possibly we take one of those but still keeping our eyes open.

5.february 2009.
I have been trying to see which mares are in foal and who ain´t, Fregn(breed to Gári Auðsholtshjáleiga) and Ungfrú (breed to Kompás Skagaströnd) are sonartested in foal but Orka (breed to Kjarni Auðholshjáleiga)was sonartested without foal:( We didn´t sonartested the other mares but it looks like both mares (Blekking and Hrafntinna) breed to Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn are in foal. And from the mares who were breed to Þorgímur frá Litlalandi it looks to me like; Djásn, Askja and Gæska ain´t in foal, and then I´m still not sure about Irpa, Kleópatra and Auda. But I think the other mares are in foal. But I could ofcourse be wrong about some of the mares, time will just tell:o)

I have booked 3 fees for summer 2009 to Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku, one for myself and two for customers who own mares at our place and want them to be breed to a stallion before exported.
Then I probably try to get an fee to Huginn frá Haga for myself, but I haven´t decide more stallions. We can also breed 2 mares to Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn, but still I don´t know where he will stay summer 2009 or which season we get.

There are still some of you (very few tho ;o) who haven´t paid for the staying for your horse(s). Please contact us to fix this.

15.january 2009.
I apologize for not answering many mails last weeks. Also  I haven´t taken any new photos by the horses, I know many of you are waiting to see their horse(s)! Last couple of weeks I had an bad flu and just unable to do anything, except ofcourse I go and feed the horses every day and then all the energy is just goneemoticon  But this will hopefully change soon as I FINALLY did go and see a doctor yesterday and got the results that I had Bronchitisemoticon and have now got some medicine about this. But I already, after just 20 times since since I started to take the medicine, started to feel a little better. I could even sleep for few hours last nightemoticon
But at least I haven´t forgot about answering you and I hope that nobody have got mad at me for not answeringemoticon  No, you are all so wonderful!
I promise that when I starting to feel better I will put in some new photos for you, it also making me mad just not been able to stay outside with the horses, just listening to them eat ( I just love that sound). Also showing the foals who are inside more attention, they all seems very courious and calm in nature.
My best to you all,

SPECIAL OFFER!! Buy  trained/green broken gelding and get a 2008 stallionfoal for FREE  in january!

1.january 2009!
I wish you all an Happy New Year and thank you for the year 2008. I hope you all had an lovely Christmastime and that the year 2009 will bring you happiness and luck.The year 2008 have been quite strange year, the financial crisis, drop of the icelandic krona and all the corruption in the icelandic buisness that we are seeing every day now.
But this year have also been good, the horsesale have been good, we had many lovely foals. Ofcourse it´s sometimes hard to see the horses go, and perhaps never seeing them again, but with certainty that they will have nice new homes easies the regret of letting them go. That is why it means a LOT for us the hear from the buyers and see photos from the horses at their new homes, we thank you all for keeping in touch and keeping us informed about how the horses are doing. It REALLY mean us a lot!!

We bought 1. sharehold in a stallion prospect; Kapall frá Kommu born 2008. Kapall is black pinto son of Álfur frá Selfossi and Kjarnorka frá Kommu (also dam of Kappi and Kaspar frá Kommu). The shares are 60 and are all sold. It will be intresting to see how he devolped in the coming years and then how he will be when he start in training ( year 2012)! Hopefully he future will be bright as stallion and his offsprings in the future awesome:o) See photos by Kapall and his family

This summer we did breed 28 mares.  But Drottning is sold and already gone to Sweden and Huld is also sold but will stay for longer. Orka was sonartested without foal from Kjarni frá Auðsholtshjáleiga:( So we can mostly expect 25 foals next year, but it´s likely that they ain´t all in foal, so I guess 20-23 foals next summer!
We did use intresting stallions. Most of the mares were breed to Þorgímur frá Litlalandi, very promissing cheatnut pinto stallion. We Þorgrímur became very good friends last summer while he stayed at our farm, he was so nice carakter and very beautiful. He have already got 1.prize for comformation and fine score for riding for an 4.year old. But I´m very hopeful he will get higher scores spring/summer 2009.
We did also breed Fregn (Gustur´s daughter) to Gári frá Auðsholthjáleigu, and she is sonartested in foal:) Ungfrú (Sproti´s daughter)was breed to the young stallion prospect Kompás frá Skagaströnd (son of Hágangur frá Narfastöðum and Sunna frá Akranesi, also mother of Kvistur and  Þjóð frá Skagaströnd). And Ungfrú is in foal:)
Then we ofcourse breed 2 mares to "our" Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn, Blekking (Örvar´s daughter) and Hrafntinna (Fjalla-Eyvindur´s daughter).

I will take first 2009 horse photos soon, I know many of you who still owns a horse at our place are waiting for new photos!
All of you who have not been in contakt to us lately please write us!!

Our best,
Guðrún and family.

PS. We need a stallion for a loan summer 2009, so if you know of any beautiful young stallion with very good pedigree and good color (most wanted are; silver dappel, pinto, splash, dun....) please write to us and tell us about him!! He must be at least 2 years old, preferbly 3 years or older.

Few stallions and were they will serve mares summer 2009!

Video by Þorgímur frá Litlalandi, taken spring 2008 when he was only 4.years old!!

10.desember 2008.
There are finally some new/recent photos by the horses. All the horses have now come down from the montain except Auda and her foal, Stássa and her foal, Gnótt and Brynja. But we see them from far every day, so they are okey. But they hopefully come home soon. Now we have 3 horses in training, they are Eldur and Skálmar who were already inridden last spring, and then Assa was handled for the first time and is doing very well, very easy. I intend to keep  Assa  as mine for breeding in the future:o) We will go seeing them all soon and then I hopefully get some photos by them.
Aska (my black roan yearling) is home, we had not seen her all summer, or at least for a long time, so I was very glad that she was found in my naigbour herd.
Bjarmi and Blævar did go to Norway last saturday and Drottning will go on the 20.des to Sweden. The horsesale is going quite well, but still few foals left who need new  homes. Anyone???
Well, the Christmas is coming soon and I hope you all have Merry Christmas and that the New Year will bring you luck!!

Here are two cute Christmas photos (not mine).
My best to you all,

It´s snow all over, so beautiful. Yesterday we did go and see how Sveigur was doing, he is in training now, and it is going pretty well. He is an carakter and looks very well under rider. The trainer did ride him for us even tho Sveigur was just with normal horseshoes on and it was  pretty slippery for him, but he did well anyway. He is getting better every day, and I´m gone see him again early november, then I will decide if he will continue the training or will have some rest. 

30. September 2008.
We have change the price by our horses into Euros (EUR) and Danish krona (DKK). As the icelandic krona is changing almost every day, so we think it´s more reliable to use diffrent currency to price our horses. If you have any questions about this changes, just ask me! And I also remind you to use the
currency converter to see how much it is in your currency!

Til íslenskra kaupanda: Við höfum breytt verði á hrossunum okkar í Evrur og danskar krónur. Þið getið notað
gengisbreytir til að reikna út verð í íslenskar krónur, og svo bara að hafa samband.

Ungfrú is back home from the stallion Kompás frá Skagaströnd, and she is in foalemoticon Kompás will hopefully become an star in the future!!

16.september 2008.
  Þorgrímur have now gone to his home, he will be missed both by me and his "girlfriends" this summer! I think he did enjoy his stay a lot, plenty of mares to serveemoticon
I´m sure he will do great next summer in evaluation, really beautiful and very nice carakter! Thanks to his owners for renting him to us this summer.

We did go to Skrapatungurétt (horse gathering), both by saturday and again on sunday. It´s always nice to see the horses coming down from their summer stay at the montains and their owners excitement to see their horse(s) againemoticon  And ofcourse see many friends and colleagues.
Ofcourse I took some photos, mostly on saturday when the horses came down. And these photos can be found in 
The rest of the storm Ike is now going over Iceland, and it has started to blow now, more and more every hour.
Take care!!
Our best to you all.

12.september 2008.
Flights plans in september and oktober (please notice that flight plans can always change a little): 

Norrkjöping: 28.sept.
Billund: 19.okt.
Liege:3 okt and 10. okt.

See more infos about flight;

10.september 2008.
We had an lovely weather last weeks, but it´s very opvious that the fall has come! Inviroment is getting into it´s many lovely colors of the fall, horses are starting to get their wintercoat, and are fat:o) The fall is one of mine favourite time!
Blekking and Hrafntinna are back home from beign breeded to Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn. We still don´t know if they are in foal as we decided not to sonartest them, time will just tell! Orka and her foal Slemma are back home from beign breed to Kjarni frá Auðsholthjáleiga, unfortunatelly she was sonartested without foal:( But Kjarni was serving the mares till the day they were tested, so it´s an TINY chance that Orka got pregnant the last days she spent with Kjarni! Ungfrú is still with Kompás, will probably be home soon.
There are finally some new/resent photos by all the 2008 foals, see their albums!!

Þorgrímur frá Litlalandi welcome me to his herd! Þorgímur always come to me when he see I´m coming, really nice carakter.

21.august 2008.
Bliki frá Skeggsstöðum, chestnut pinto we sold as foal 2006! His owner did send us this photo by this big and handsome young gelding.  It is always nice to hear about the horses we have sold and to see photo(s) by them! So please be free to send us photo(s) and some news For more photos by sold horses (both while they were still at our farm and at their new homes!) in here

14.august 2008.

And strange things have happen to Leista´s foal! He was just chestnut but now he suddenly got star I had notice that he had much curl in his forehead and it seems that it have cover over his star and didn´t show until he had lost his birthcoat! But he is just even cuter, so this is just great I think the name Sveipur(Curl) will be his name(at least for now)!

         Before                                                After

10.august 2008.
Yesterday we had an call from our naigbour! He didn´t find his mares and the STALLION and the gate between his land and our land was half open!  Were all our youngsters are during the summer So he looked for his horses and found them and many of our horses together!! we thought the stallion had been in all our youngsters and that we would have to get an vet to end all possible pregnancy!! But when all the horses were back home from the montain.....there was no stallion in the herd!!! So were could he be? We were ofcouse relifed that he was not with our youngsters but something must had happen to him, as he wasn´t with his herd. Few hour later we got an call from our naigbour, he had found the stallion...DEAD, stuck in the fence He was at our naigbour side of the fence, so he never reach to our horses!! Poor thing, he was one of the youngest offsprings after Oddur frá Selfossi. Big loss for our naigbours!!

We also got better call couple of days ago!! Fregn is now pregnant after Gári and we will go get her back home tomorrow!

8.july 2008.
Now the Landsmót is over and our last mares to be breeded this summer have meet their stallion. Blekking and Hrafntinna are now in an fence with Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn (he was no. 10 in stallions 7.years and older at Landsmót). Yesterday Fregn did go to Gýgjarhóll were she will meet the stallion Gári frá Auðsholtshjáleiga he was no. 1 in 1.prize for offsprings at Landsmót). Orka will go to Kjarni frá Auðsholtshjáleiga (he was no. 6 in 5.years stallions at Landsmót) in few hours! Þorgrímur frá Litlalandi (the stallion who is serving his mares at our farm) have got 23 mares! His FULL sister, Kría frá Litlalandi, was no. 2 in 5.years old mares at Landsmót. And Ungfrú is still in fence by the young stallion Kompás frá Skagaströnd (2.years old son of Hágangur frá Narfastöðum and Sunna frá Akranesi). His halfbrother Kvistur frá Skagaströnd (same mother) did get no.2 in 5.years old stallions!
So the results after Landsmót have made us even more excited for the summer 2009! In all we breed 28 mares this summer and hopefully most of them will get pregnant and give birth to beautiful foals next spring/summer:o)

Oldest offsprings after Fálki frá Geirshlíð were trained this spring and came out very promissing and easy in training. Of these two mares (his only offsprings who are 4.years old) one of them was very good after little training and was supposed to be evaluated this spring but got hurt and couln´t continue the training but the owner thinks she is getting better and hopefully she will be evaluated late summer instead!!
His offsprings we did got this summer by him are beautiful, calm and courious, good gaited, many of them did show all gaits the first days after birth but most of them trot and tölt mostly now, with good movements.
Karri´s ofssprings are also very beautiful, slim comformation with raised neck. Many of them also did shown all gaits first days after birth, so I believe they are 5.gaited even tho Karri is 4.gaited. Unfortunatelly Karri wasn´t evaluated again this spring but we hope he will be, he did already got 1.prize for comformtion (when 4.years old), he was very easy in all handling and temperment was excellent, he did also shown us beautiful trot under him self. Anyway we are happy with our 2008 foals and are sure many of them will be good in the future!

14. june 2008.
FINALLY!! We have rented an stallion for the summer 2008!! His name is Þorgrímur frá Litlalandi, chestnut pinto son of Orri frá Þúfa and Elding frá Sæfelli (have give several 1.prize offsprings). Þorgrímur is 4.years old and was evaluated  this spring, he got 1.price for comformation(8.24) and  for riding 8 for tölt, trot, goey/temper and appearance under rider, 7.5 for gallop, 7 for walk and 5 for pace!
More photos of Þorgrímur!

Today all yearlings were castrated, except Kjartan (SOLD) as he will go to Holland as a stallion in few days! My male cat Nilli was also castrated!!!
The stallions we will use this summer are: Kjarni frá Auðsholtshjáleigu, Gári frá Auðsholtshjáleigu, Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn and Kompás frá Skagastönd(Kompás is 2 years old black stallion after Hágangur frá Narfastöðum and Sunna frá Akranesi).

Gári                       Kjarni                         Þristur             Kompás





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